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Why Choose Us?

We’re here to add a little sparkle to every occasion! The South Dakota Popcorn Company has been a proud part of South Dakota for over 40 years. Over these decades, we’ve provided customers with excellent service, outstanding products, and delicious gourmet popcorn. But popcorn is just the tip of the iceberg for us. Our catalog is filled with diverse, fun, and exciting items that would make great presents for any one of your loved ones. We’ve put the time and effort into expanding our product offering to ensure that there’s something in there for everybody!

Our Products

Want to try out our famous gourmet popcorn? Looking for a gift for a friend? Choose from our 15+ flavors of popcorn, gluten-free microwavable popcorn, cheeses, jerky, candies, salt-water taffies, spices, hot chocolate mixes, bread mixes, honey, jellies, jams, and so many more!

I live in Texas & received a gift box for Christmas. The cornbread & whole wheat beer bread were outstanding! And super easy to make.
Michael D.

I LOVE SD popcorn. They have so many great products and great customer service! 

-Trevor T.

Love your shop…stay open all year! Pretty Please!!!! Pierre needs more businesses like yours downtown.

-Kathleen G.

Your website is awesome and so easy to use!

Mary D.

Love your website for all my gift giving. So convenient.

-Sandie A.

I purchased my first SD Popcorn at Wall Drugs, in July, as a gift for my neighbor. She declined, as she makes her popcorn with an air popper. Lucky for me! I am absolutely addicted to your popcorn, and am going to buy a year’s supply! Thank you for making the best microwaveable popcorn I’ve ever had. I just spray it with oil after it has popped, then add nutritional yeast. Yummy!
Mary R


Here’s a catalog of our incredibly diverse products. If you’re looking for something delicious to eat or you’re stumped for gift ideas, it’s all here!

We’d love to hear from you!

Come shop at our store or reach out to us to find out about our corporate gift plans, fundraising opportunities, or our products.


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